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12 Years On

In August 2004, a Somali refugee family arrived in Vermont. It was the beginning of many good things. 



Pabba's 32nd Year

Imagine if your parents had access to your online dating profile. That happened to Pabba.       



Two Men and a Baby, The Final Episode

For nearly three years, we’ve been following Patrick and Steve and their attempt to adopt their foster daughter, and no other story we’ve done has generated as many emails from you, wondering how it all worked out. Today you will finally know. 



Wouldn't It Be Nice

It’s a new year, a time for hope or worry, for regrets or new plans, a time to count our blessings or pick up the pieces. Last year around this time, as 2016 was just beginning, Jared and Sharry in Utah were tremendously excited about the year ahead, but things did not work out as they’d hoped, to say the least.



Eleven Up

Today’s story is about two families trying to become one family. One set of parents is white, one is black, one lives in Portland, OR, the other in Miami, FL, one is Canadian/American, the other is Haitian/American. So, geographically, demographically, and socio-economically they live in very different worlds, but when we started following them more than a year ago, they’d made a plan to become one family under one roof with the eight children they have between them — eleven people in all. Why? Well, that’s the story you’ll hear today, and we hope to follow the gang for many years to come as the experiment continues to evolve, sort of like the famous Up documentary series



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