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The Continental Divide

In this episode, Lea reckons with her mistakes and turns to the work of her longtime hero, Scott Carrier, of the podcast Home of the Brave, which you can find at

Photos from the two trips Scott Carrier took to record interviews for The Continental Divide:







Lea’s longtime hero, writer and radio producer
Scott Carrier. —Photo by Trent Nelson


The Code Switcher

Born in the Philippines as the only blond person for miles around, race was merely the first thing about the albino baby that confused people…
You can follow Meredith Talusan on facebook, or on instagram and twitter at @1demerith

Meredith as a child

Meredith with her schoolmates in the Philippines

Meredith in the early 2000s, pre-transition but beginning to dress androgynously


Meredith post-transition

Meredith and Josh


Meredith and Josh at an awards ceremony


The casual onesie

The out-on-the-town onesie

Meredith on her way to an awards ceremony with her editor from Vice, where she freelances these days.

The ultimate onesie!



Jack Be Nimble, Part 2

Ladies and Gentlemen: Jack, Part 2, in which there will be guns and fear and roses and magic. There will be frat boys and homeless ladies, sweet clowns, and sad selves. Above all, there will be Jack. He will be nimble and he will be bold.   

If you haven’t listened to “Jack be Nimble, Part 1” yet, you can find it here.

Jack, at 22 years old

(caption by Jack — top, second from the left)

Jack in his kinging days, second from the left

Jack, left, featured in the paper (again)

Jack as Charlie Chaplin

Jack Darling

Jack and Christine

Jack and Marco when Marco was a teenager

Jack and Christine

Jack and Christine on stage

Jack Darling

Jack, Christine and Marco 

You can see more of Jack’s videos here.


Jack Be Nimble, Part 1

A run-down trailer in small town Texas, Sunday mornings with Charlie Chaplin, heroine-dazed zombies, fighting off dragons, and narrowly escaping real life monsters — this was Jack’s life when she was a little girl. It was about survival from the very beginning.

This episode is not suitable for children.

Listen to “Jack Be Nimble, Part 2” here.

Jack as a little kid



Jack the track star

15 year old Jack in front of the logo for her basketball team, The Pirates.

A newspaper clipping of Jack (middle) as a celebrated basketball player 





A couple of weeks ago we got an email from Sam in Australia about his podcast Human/Ordinary. We liked it so much we decided to share it with you. Here’s an adapted version of his 10th episode called Headstone: Breath and Bone. The content might be intense for some. You will glean the subject matter quickly, so please listen at your own discretion. 

Sam Loy, host and creator of Human/Ordinary

Sam with his daughter, the inspiration for his career change

Jessie with her Groundswell team.

Jessie with her family now (Edie, Frances, Derek)


Jessie Williams with her partner Andy and their baby boy Monty








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