You’re at Story Central. We produce the incredibly cool, frequently funny, occasionally heartbreaking and always interesting podcast, Strangers. We hold storytelling workshops and events, we coach people and corporations, and we like to party. Pick your platform and don’t be a stranger! Story Central and Strangers are led by Lea Thau, former Executive & Creative Director of the storytelling organization The Moth for a decade.

What others are saying: 

“Holy cow, Lea Thau! Thank you, thank you for your humor, warmth, and sincerity — I hugely and ravenously love what you are doing on Strangers. I savor that puppy each time it comes out with a special cherished, sacred feeling and I seriously can’t think of a better gift. A reliable portal to gentleness in the world. That it awaits every month eases something panicked and dark in me.” –Lulu Miller (NPR, Radio Lab)


“Strangers is my favorite podcast. It has made me laugh so hard that people stared at me on the subway, and has also made me sob (not just tear up, actually sob). I’m amazed by its power to transport me into the lives of people that I’d never otherwise meet. Lea has a rare gift for teasing out stories. She finds the most mesmerizing voices and presents their stories with an artful grace. I wait anxiously for the next episode to pop up, then greedily gobble it up within hours. Listening to it will literally change your life.”
-Catherine Burns (Artistic Director of The Moth)


“Lea Thau is a secret ninja story conjurer. If you were locked in a room with her for a few hours, you’d come out telling your best story, because she knows better than you do where your stories lie and she’ll find a way to summon them from deep inside you. Look out.”
-Jay Allison (Atlantic Public Media,


“Lea Thau’s stories get under my skin.  They linger, they re-arrange the way I think. They are full of observation and wonder. Her honesty, her piercing words, the array of people that I know because she transports me there, her voice that I am mesmerized by…”Strangers” is music you need to hear.”
-Davia Nelson (The Kitchen Sisters)


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