Love - Good and Bad

For Valentine’s Day we return to theme of love, with a story about someone else’s heartbreak for a change, featuring an award-winning story by producer Annie McEwen. As for Lea’s heart, well, you’ll see…

Annie McEwen in St. John’s

St John’s in the fog

St John’s at dusk

Music featured in this episode:

  1. Drew O’Doherty – “Exeunt”
  2. Topher Mohr and Alex Elena – “Space Coast”
  3. múm – “Slow Down”
  4. Grouper – “Little Boat/Bone Dance (Audrey)”
  5. Rebecca Foon – “Hearts Mend (Prelude)”
  6. Ollie North – “Aurochs II”
  7. Noveller – “Under the Color Cave”
  8. Drew O’Doherty – “Horn”
  9. The Tumbled Sea – “Backslash”
  10. Keisuke Yoshiura – “Slightly Heavenly”
  11. Dengue Fever – “Tokay Instrumental Mix”
  12. Barbara Morgenstern – “Love Is In The Air”
  13. Broken Social Scene – “Lover’s Spit”

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